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A romantic sight to behold: Chenghao & Xinfei

“An integrated wedding with both a modern twist & closely followed tradition for the wedding of these perfect Chinese Couple cannot get any more romantic”

The wedding of the perfect couple, Chenghao & Xinfei was closely attached to the authentic Chinese tradition. As traditional as it gets, there were still elements of a modern twist in their wedding.

With the modern and traditional mix, it had created an uplifting mood for the wedding itself. The Wedding could not get any more romantic with this couple.

All in all, everything was smooth sailing and we are not wrong to say that both of them were a

“ Perfect match made in heaven”

The Preparation

The Arrival

Xinfei was absolutely stunning in her white wedding gown. As soon as the veil was closed by her parents, it was a sign that Xinfei was ready for her prince's arrival.

Not to forget the prince of the day. Chenghao looked really good in his simple yet elegant tuxedo, as he arrived at her princess’s place

The First Look

Both looked too good and are perfect for each other. The good-looking prince and charming bride. Those pairs of eyes were full of affection as both intimate lovers admired each other. It really was a romantic sight! Definitely a momentous moment for both of them!

“Admiring you during this moment filled me with awe. Opening the Veil marks the opening of a happy & new chapter for both of us”

Authenticity at its finest

The first ceremony that is usually held in a Chinese Wedding is the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony signifies the official welcoming of the newlyweds into the family and the receiving of blessings by the respective families. This also acts as a formal introduction between the families and the newlyweds.

As a token of respect, tea is then poured & served to the elderly in the family based on their seniority.

Accompanying the Tea Ceremony is called the Si Dian Jin. It is usually a set of gold jewellery usually consisting of a necklace, a ring, a bangle and a pair of earrings that is presented to the bride by the groom’s mother.

The given jewellery symbolises a welcome to the family and it also is a way of saying that the bride will always be well taken care of.

Surrounded by the natural landscape and the serene nature full with faunas, Jurong Lake Garden is definitely a beautiful place for an outdoor photoshoot. With the many memorable and beautiful places located there, it is definitely a go to location for newlyweds.

With the presence of the couple during the photoshoot, it had created an even more romantic and uplifting mood at the place. Romantic essence filled the air as the perfect couple made use of the green and spacious environment there. It was a natural and romantic love story for both of them!

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone”

The Solemnisation

Right at Pinsi Restaurant @ Safra Yishun, an everlasting promise was made by each other.

As soon as both exchanged vows and recited their marriage oath, it was official that both are husband and wife. ‘The knot’ was tied between both the loving couple. An absolutely romantic & significant moment of their lives.

“This marks a brand new chapter of my life with you. Xinfei, I would always be there with you through thick & thin. Nothing, except death, will set us apart. I promise wholeheartedly, to love you till my last breath.”

Reminiscing on their wedding, it was definitely a very sweet and romantic sight for us, seeing them creating a new chapter of their lives. It surely was a perfect love story of Chenghao & Xinfei.


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