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Intimate Wedding At Goodwood Park Hotel

Benny and Esther had been planning for their dream wedding before being hit with the news of the pandemic.

Instead of postponing their wedding, they decided to go forth with an intimate and special ceremony with just their immediate family present.

In our team’s words,

” The intimate wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful.”

Goodwood Park Hotel Wedding

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Tea Ceremony

A Chinese wedding typically begins with the tea ceremony where the families are formally introduced.

The bride and groom give their thanks to the elders of the family by pouring Chinese tea.

The tea ceremony is also the time when the customary Si Dian Jin is presented to the bride by her mother-in-law to welcome her to the household.

The set consists of a gold bangle, a ring, a necklace, and a pair of earrings to symbolize a prosperous marriage ahead for the couple.

The bride and groom then leave the hall to change into their solemnization outfits, Esther in her beautiful white gown and Benny in his polished and sophisticated suit.

The First Look

The first look – an intimate moment for the lovebirds to see each other for the first time before the ceremony begins.

The first look allows couples to share this special moment together in a more private setting.

This setting means they are away from the eye of their families and friends which breaks the old tradition of seeing each other for the first time during the walk-in.

The Solemnisation

Esther shared the special moment of walking down the aisle with her beloved father.

The moment they said, I do. The two exchanged their vows and took their oath of marriage with just their immediate family as witnesses.

“I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.”

First Dance

The first dance between the bride and groom is the most awaited moment for the newly wed as well as the guests.

It shows the love and unity between the new couple where they truly embodied the iconic saying ‘dance like nobody’s watching.’

Lunch Reception

A beautiful lunch reception follows after the first dance, to celebrate the love that Benny and Esther share and the union of two families.

They were all seated together at a long and beautifully decorated table with fresh flowers for an intimate lunch.

Outdoor Shoot at Goodwood Park Hotel

We did the outdoor post-wedding shoot at Goodwood Park Hotel, making use of the exterior of the hotel, which resembles a fairytale castle, the ideal place for a perfect love story.

Reflecting back on our experience shooting Benny and Esther’s wedding, we are grateful and honoured to have been able to witness such an intimate and special ceremony.

Despite the odds of the pandemic, the two went ahead with a beautiful and even more special ceremony. Love was truly in the air for these two.

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