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The lovely sight of the Ideal Indian Couple: Thivyaa & Satyam

‘The Wedding Ceremony of this lovely Indian Couple is the true definition of Love at its finest’

In the romantic sight of the ideal Indian couple, Thivyaa and Satyam, it is certainly evident that the two of them were destined to be together.

As the Indian lovers were truly in love with one another, the wedding of Thivyaa and Satyam was very intimate and filled with romance.

Getting Prepared

It really shows how elegant and enchanting Thivyaa was in her blue Sari as she heads to the temple hall. She was undoubtedly the 'Princess of the Day'.

The Wedding Venue

The closely followed, traditional Hindu wedding ceremony of the ideal Indian couple was held at Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple, located at Serangoon. Many Hindu wedding ceremonies are held in this temple, an iconic Hindu temple in Singapore.

The Bride’s Arrival

Right before the bride leaves the hall, the priest hands over the blessed Red Sari (the colour red signifying Prosperity and Fertility) to Thivyaa which was gifted by Satyam as Thivyaa proceeds to change.

Blessings of parents

As Thivyaa returned in her Red Sari and was seated beside Satyam, the parents of both Thivyaa and Satyam had blessed both of them. Both sides are genuinely letting their children go, and it's such an emotional sight to watch!

The Core Ceremonies of Hindu Weddings

The Hindu wedding ceremony of tying the ‘Thali’ is the most important of them all. The thali, a symbol of respect, love, and dignity, is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom as a sign of marriage.

Following the thali-tying, the couples exchange garlands before continuing the ceremony.

As the music hits the crescendo, the couple would then circle around the fire three times. In addition, both newlyweds will pour rice into the fire pit during each round of circling. As both spouses pour rice into the fire pit, the husband's hand is placed beneath the wife's.

According to Hindu beliefs, the rice serves as an offering for the couple to be blessed by Lord Agni (the Hindu Fire God) and be granted happiness and prosperity for their marriage. As the flame keeps going, it also symbolises love's eternal flame.

The couple is now known officially as 'the husband and the wife' after this ceremony. This Indian couple couldn't be cuter!

Upon circling the fire for the last time, the husband would place his wife's foot on a stone and then put toe rings on her toes. It indicates that the wife is officially someone's or is already married.

"Every single day that I spend with you, will make me love you even more"

Wedding Reception @ Khalsa Association

The intimate wedding reception of this ideal Indian couple. Thivyaa and Satyam, was held at Singapore Khalsa Association. There are many options available for a wedding reception, but the ballroom there is the ideal location for our newlyweds Thivyaa and Satyam.

The day that I mark the start of my love journey with you together is definitely the happiest day of my life. If there are a million universes, I would promise to love you in every one of them.

When we reflect on the perfect Indian lovebirds' wedding day, we would say they were a perfect match. It was really a beautiful sight for us, seeing them, pathing their perfect and strong love journey together. A closely followed Hindu Traditional wedding yet still beautiful in its own ways!

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