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Your Survival Guide: Wedding EXPO

Studio Five Weddings | Your Survival Guide: Wedding EXPO

Wedding planning is one of the most stressful experiences a couple goes through, especially when planning on getting married. Those married would know the struggles right? Thankfully, wedding expos are around Singapore nowadays, which makes it easier for couples. But what is a wedding expo? Briefly, let us explain.

A Wedding expo is a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. Many wedding professionals occupy the booths of convention halls where the wedding shows are usually held and would promote their wedding services there. The wedding expo allows couples to meet various wedding professionals at a single event. Media wedding services to wedding boutiques, you name it, they have it all there!

But that’s enough about wedding expos! 'Surviving' a wedding expo! That is the gist of this article. This guide is set to help you lovebirds, organise your dream wedding while attending a Wedding Expo. So, enjoy the “survival guide’' as we prepare you couples.

Why you should attend one

Firstly, let’s discuss the reasons why you should attend one! There are of course a lot of reasons for you to attend a Wedding Expo. But here are the ultimate ones! 

1. A Wedding Expo = Saving Money

One of the greatest things you will gain from attending a wedding expo is the opportunity to reduce costs for your wedding. You can expect a lot of sales and promotions as you roam around looking for different wedding professionals’ booths. You may find some great wedding-related deals there! Save money while planning your perfect wedding!

2. One stop shop for your wedding

One of the greatest things you will gain from attending a wedding expo is the opportunity to reduce costs for your wedding. You can expect a lot of sales and promotions as you roam around looking for different wedding professionals’ booths. You may find some great wedding-related deals there! Save money while planning your perfect wedding!

The Preparations You Need

1.  A proper plan

Having a proper plan is the first step. Ask your partner what you really want and need for your wedding day. An example of a guiding question would be, what is your wedding day going to be like? What are the specific artistic designs that you guys want for your wedding? What do you want the set up to be like?

  • Listing all your wedding needs


Next, create a rough outline of all the wedding services you would need. Having a well thought-out wedding plan helps both the vendors and yourself! By doing this, wedding vendors can offer you the best deals that can help you save more on your wedding!

  • Researching on the vendors

If you have shortlisted some wedding vendors, you might want to research them. Identify their specialties. Check to see if it fits the wedding style you want. The wedding outfits you’ve been dreaming about. As you might not know whether they are capable of catering to your wedding needs, this is an essential process. 

Research is important! Prepare yourself prior by finding out if these wedding vendors will be participating in the Wedding Expo, so you don’t waste time if they won’t.

  • Listing your desired wedding vendors

Shortlist them after you have researched them and are fairly certain about them. Particularly when you attend the wedding expo, you can avoid ‘booth hopping’ by doing this. In addition, you will already know where you are headed.

PS: With this planning, you can also roughly guess the budget you need for your dream wedding, making you well prepared of how much money to bring

2. Understanding your photography and videography style

Who doesn’t want to keep the photos and video of the beautiful moments of one’s wedding day right? But how great the photos and videos would turn out totally depends on what you had planned. So, you need to really know what you want in terms of the photography and videography aspects for your wedding day.  Lay out the plan so that you can easily discuss this to your wedding media vendors!

Like Studio Five Weddings, we offer our Studio Five Experience for you. But what is it about? Let us briefly explain.


We focus more on a story-driven aspect for both your wedding photos and video. When you plan with us, we would ensure the smooth story flow of your wedding. All in all, we want your memories to live on forever.


We specialise in authenticity when it comes to crafting your love story through photos and video. Each wedding video is handcrafted by us, as we choose the right filming techniques, carefully selecting the music to suit your vibe. Finally, we edit your wedding video which best tells your love story!


Even with our own style of how the final products would turn out, we can pull off just about anything. We just need you to go through with us what you want and we will go in detail to create the perfect film just for you!

Our style of photography and videography service may cater to your style of Wedding. If it does, contact us, Studio Five Weddings to enquire more about our services.

3. Payment Process

Now, let’s move on to the next step, which is the payment process.  The typical ATM withdrawal limit is $3000, and the daily Nets purchase maximum is $5000. The availability of internet banking (Paynow) has made payments more simple. The Paynow limitation is set at $1000, though. However, the cap may be altered up to $200,000.

Since we are opting towards a ‘cashless’ society now, these range of payment methods are definitely going to be available at the wedding expo. 

Before entering the wedding expo, our advice is to adjust the limit on your online banking expenditure if you are already engaged and expecting to get married soon enough. It should be increased in accordance with your budget’s suitability.

With deposits and everything, getting the desired wedding services may end up costing you a lot of money, and the transaction limit may get in the way. Therefore, altering the limit would undoubtedly make things easier when dealing with the wedding providers as it would go more smoothly!


What to expect when you are there with your loved ones at the Wedding Expo?

  • Numerous Promotions/Offers

Expect to be overwhelmed by the countless promos and deals the wedding experts have for you while you are there. Be prepared to be drawn in by these wedding professionals. Expect to receive lots of freebies from the wedding services when you sign up with them, and some may even offer lucky draws.

  • Saying ‘No’

As you can expect a lot of wedding professionals trying to pull you in with their promotions, don’t be afraid to say ‘No’ to them. All in all, you would definitely want to be satisfied especially with the right wedding services that you chose with your loved one, as you leave the wedding expo and that is really important! Be wise and decide properly before you opt for the different wedding services there! 

Saying “No” is a powerful tool for you, then! Additionally, these wedding specialists are well-versed in handling customer rejection, so they won’t take it personally if you reject them.

  • Having fun like a carnival

As much as a wedding expo is all about promotions on wedding services, you still can have fun with your loved ones. Explore the numerous wedding vendors and get a better understanding on how each wedding vendor has their own unique style in terms of the services they provide. 

While you are there exploring, stock up on food and drinks too! There would usually be a lot of food and drink stalls (might be costly) around. So don’t miss the chance to share and enjoy the food and drinks with your loved ones! Simply like a carnival!


Phew! What a great read of an article that was and you have reached the end of this article. With Your Survival Guide: Wedding Expo, we hope that it would help you ace your trip to the wedding expo. All in all, our aim is to ensure that you are satisfied with what you have chosen at the end of the day. We want you to leave the wedding expo hall with a smile on your and loved one’s face and with the feeling of accomplishment. So, have fun exploring the wedding expo and happy planning!

PS: Be prepared to mark your calendar as Studio Five Weddings will make our way there too…

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Studio Five Weddings | Your Survival Guide: Wedding EXPO

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